Stamping = Happy Me

HelloBeing Friends

Spent a little time over the past few days stamping.

It just reminds me that I love to stamp and all that is associated with it. Nothing quite like taking something plain and making something fun out of it. Nothing quite like getting a little ink on your fingers. And nothing quite like seeing where creativity takes you.

The pictures are a couple of the quickies I’ve made. Nothing really fancy. Just good ol’, “cause I have the stamp and wanna to play with it” stamping.

All stamps are from Studio G ($1 sets from J’s)by Hampton Arts. Grid paper by Scenic Route Paper Co.

One thought on “Stamping = Happy Me

  1. I hear ya sister- there’s something about stamping that satisfies a primitive urge in me too! It feels good to fill in that empty space with color ,words ,and design.

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