More cool stuff

A few more CHA peeks are making me happy:

* Marah Johnson’s Rock Star line for CI

Being the concert lover, I am excited to see this line. Nice to see something made specifically for those experiences.

* Karen Russell and everything she’s done for CI (seriously, man)

Oh, Karen Russell, you genius scrapbook designer, you. I might as well just sign up and change my name to “Miss KR fan.” Seriously. You had me with transparencies way back when. Then, you had me again with your Seaside stuff (First time, I’ve ever seen actual stuff that fits the kind of Oregon beaches I am used to). And now all these cool products. Diecut lace. Journaling blocks. And… holy smokes… the paper, the circles. Sigh. I feel like that plump little Cartman guy on South Park, who squeals, “I’m so happy… Oh God, I’m so happy.”

* These coolio rub-ons from Fontwerks

Two of my favorite things in one place – polka dots and scallops.

* 7 gypsies journal stamps & the ATC rolling holder

Saw this peek on the Lifetime Moments board. I LOVE the journal stamps. Totally “pant, pant” worthy. And the ATC holder. Forget ATCs. I could see using this for a whole lot of paper craft projects. Brilliant idea.

* Paper House’s new travel papers

Courtesy of my friend, Wendy. 🙂 I think travel stuff is hard to find. Well, good travel stuff. Nice to see this.

* Flair’s year line

I can totally see making some cool Christmas gift albums (the “a page for every month” kind) with this stuff here. Good, simple and just the kind stuff that just comes together. 

I’ll share more faves later.

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