A few more samples


Just thought I’d share a few more samples made with the new Clear Cut stamp line from my friends at Powder Sensations.

I talked to Trena… and …  yay…  the catalog is now live. 🙂

Here’s a direct link to the downloadable PDF version of their stamp catalog:


Here’s their shopping page with some of the other stuff they have available:


If you like embossing powders, you might want to check their’s out. They are amazing. The powders have a glossy, waxy finish to them. Hard to describe, but I can tell you that I stamp all the time. And, honestly, there is nothing quite like their powders.

And here’s the “how to order” page:


So excited to actually see that catalog on there.

This has been such a long time in coming for my friends.  I remember the first time they mentioned to me that they wanted to create a stamp line. It was over three years ago and they had so many ideas.  And… then… even a year and half ago…  when we hooked up in Vegas…. the ideas were still brewing.

So cool to everything finally come together and happen for them.

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