Deep breath

I don’t really know what to say.

I have had many friends contact me since last night, telling me how sad they are and they just want to hug me.

I really don’t know what to say at all, but I feel like I need to say something. I’ve tried to respond to you all, but I am completely overwhelmed by your kindness. Completely. It has completely taken me by surprise. I went to bed with a box of messages and woke up with a bunch more. 

The  bottom line is, you guys, I’ll be OK. Yes, my heart was a bit broken. But you know, it’s not like I am … dying… or anything. I mean, really. 😉

You know, the chips just didn’t fall in my favor this time. That isn’t a necessarily a bad thing. For you or me. It’s good for the community to have some new people in the DT role. It’s cool for me, too. You never know what is lurking on the horizon or what tomorrow will bring. I know that’s all cliche, but I really do believe that. Things change and new opportunities happen all the time.

Like anything, DT titles come and go. That doesn’t mean the relationships have to end. It doesn’t mean the good feelings and the good stuff have to go away.  

Anyway, thanks, you guys.  I appreciate you more than you know.

4 thoughts on “Deep breath

  1. Hey Teri, I’m so sorry. I was going to write to you, but I’m one of those people who never thinks they have the right thing to say in any given situation. Wish I could send some big hugs your way…

  2. well Teri .. i think u take this with a lot of grace 🙂 I personnaly think it suxs….but it s my perso opinion 😦
    (((((((( huggs)))))))))))

  3. Teri- i have to say i was truly surprised not to see your name come up as part of the DT. I know that you are right and you never know what the future brings!

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