A couple things

Birdie stamp  


See the bird stamp above?

Color me happy. 🙂

Took me a whole month and a half to find it. Fell in love the second I saw a picture of it online. I knew it would be mine.

Frequent trips to the store locally and search efforts by friends in 2 other states resulted in me just about giving up. So imagine my surprise Saturday when I stop by the store to pick up something for my mom and see it right near the register.

It cost a whole dollar.

Just call me big spender. 😉


It feels so good to organize a bit. It makes me feel like I’ve turned a new leaf.

I feel like I am always organizing, but it’s really just a little at  a time.

Last week, I decluttered some of the kitchen drawers.

I used last night to tackle some scrapbook stuff.  I filed some of my old pub’d and DT cards and paper crafting projects into 6″ x 6″ albums.

They’ve just been sitting in a canvas box for awhile.

Anyway, here’s a peek of what a small part of desk looked like at one time last night.

Pub’d cards

There is much more file still, but I think that will be on my list next time I do the organizing thing.

3 thoughts on “A couple things

  1. I LOVE this stamp. Where did you find it or who makes it? I have been searching all over the internet for it and cannot find it anywhere.

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