So it’s been a few days since I have been here. Lots of stuff to say so I’m just going to do this entry in list form.

* Thank goodness for medicine. I am quite thankful tonight for it. It’s been a rollercoaster of a day. My mom woke up this morning unable to see. She’s got a condition where her retenia gives her fits basically. She hasn’t had any problems for a couple years. Not really sure what triggers it but pretty much fluid gets in the eye and pretty much everything clouds up, making it so she couldn’t even see her fingers. It’s a very sudden thing. Anyway, it took 2 doctors, 8 hours and countless probings of her eyeballs, but medicine in the form of two shots saved the day. She’s quite uncomfortable tonight and can’t see yet, but, because of medicine, she’ll be OK and seeing well again in a couple days. Thank goodness.

* Have you seen the new “Best of Becky Higgins Sketches” book from Creating Keepsakes? I landed a copy today, and it is just fabulous. If you tire of layouts with just one photo, do check it out. There’s almost 200 sketches (plus a layout for every sketch). All the sketches are for three photos or more.

* Bowling continues on for me. I actually had a serious good game, scoring 130! A total high for me. Of course, one of the ladies I bowled with got a 207, but … hey… she’s got 30 years of experience on me. 😉 🙂

* I think I am have two new TV shows: “Reaper” on the CW and “Pushing Daisies” on ABC. Totally loved the episodes I’ve watched before.

* Saturday’s World Cardmaking Day. The good folks at Paper Crafts are celebrating on their blog all this week:(

Lots of tantalizing stuff (and freebies!!!!) this week in fun, in honor of World Cardmaking Day. I have a guest entry in the mix about finding your own personal style, plus a few cards that will only be posted there. I hear some of my pals at CX have some good things going on, too. 😉

* Quick share here of a simple card with some new Technique Tuesday stamps.

So Awesome card

The brackets aren’t new, but the rest are. Oh la la. That’s what I am saying. Honestly, I have had a product crush on these guys for two years… and it continues on with their latest Fall release. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what their next release brings.