Cd calendar: Teri-style

I am so inspired by the whole CD calendar trend that is going on right now.

I’ve been collecting these CD cases for the purposes of making calendars for about a year now. I had such lofty plans. But, really, they’ve just been sitting around, collecting dust and waiting for their day in the sun, but I digress.

Seeing what some of my friends have done lately totally inspired me to actually get off my duff and make a calendar.

My take on the trend is clean and simple yet kind of funky.

These two pages here pretty much sum up the whole calendar.

Dec. Calendar page

June Calendar Page

My recipe:

* Cut 12 pieces of cardstock to fit inside the CD case.

* Print calendar. Cut it into montly pieces. Adhere to the cardstock pieces.

* Finish calendar off by adding a couple strips of solid cardstock and a stamped image or two to each calendar page.

Time it took to make: 1 hour. The hardest part was picking out the colors and what stamps to use.

Oh yeah, if you are wondering where I found the calendar, it was here:

Thank you, Calendars that Work! And thank you to my friends for the inspirational kick in the duff. 😉

This bad boy is going to one of my bowling pals for Christmas. Hope she enjoys it.

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Cd calendar: Teri-style

  1. Hey there miss Terri! I’m lovin this calendar! I think this will make a great teacher’s gift. I’ve been missing you. I’m sure you’re busy with the Holidays, but stop in and see us when you can!!

  2. Teri Teri Teri!!!! Girl I wish I could give you a great big hug right now!! I needed a gift idea so badly for my daughter’s trainer and this is it!! I am going to make her one for her desk! Oh thank you for being so inspiring!!! I love this and it’s so you!! Just adorable!!!

  3. Teri from Idaho Falls Teri?? Is that you? I’m pretty sure it is!! I’m bored at work and was thinking about you, I’ve seen a couple of projects you’ve had in magazines so I figured I could *probably* google you and find your blog!! Let me know if it’s you!! Even if it isn’t the Teri from Idaho Falls, your work is great!!

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