The story behind this card…

Just have to share this.

This is a card I created for the April/May issue of Paper Crafts:


I’ve got a back story about it that I’d like to share with you.

Even though my name is on it, I feel real strong that I am not the only person behind it.

See, Cath, PC’s creative editor/resident trendwatcher/overall paper crafting smart cookie,  approached me about working on it about it back in October. She had this idea of making a Mother’s Day card using chipboard kids from Basic Grey. She thought it would neat to also to have two kids touch hands on the card.

Call me a softy. Go ahead. Cause… totally… the whole hand touching idea totally melted my heart …. so I was… like… all over it

The product arrived and I got to work.

It’d be a bit embarrassing to fess up to how long it took, but suffice it to say that Cath’s idea of the hand holding kids that totally guided my creative process that evening.

Of course, I put some of my own little touches to it – the card’s overall design, how the chipboard kids anchored the card, the color scheme and sentiment.

And I also came up with a little chipboard trick.

See, Basic Grey made these cool little boy and girl diecuts to compliment the chipboard pieces in their Mellow line. I was just going to place them right on the chipboard, but I tinkered a little and found you could get a nifty shadow effect with the chipboard by just placing the die a little off the chipboard piece. For myself, it was one of those, “Doi!!!! Why didn’t I do that sooner? I like the look” kind of moments.  🙂

Anyway, I finished up the card, sent a picture to Cath and it was approved the next day.

Off in the mail it went the folllowing day.

I filed the project in the back of the mind.

A few months have passed, and now the magazine is here.

And guess what? There’s the project on the cover. 🙂 (If you are looking for it, you can get it though through Paper Crafts by clicking here.)

And, yes, my name is listed as the one to have designed it. But really it wasn’t just me. It was Cath, too. It all started because of her idea. 🙂

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