Clear stamps: Reason 231 they are cool

I’ve got a clear stamps-specific trick for you today. 🙂

First, take a look this picture of my card and stamping sample:


I like to call my trick the “Shadow Text” technique.

Say what, you say?

It’s where get that layered look you see on the card. 

Here’s how I got it:

* I stamped the sentiment once with a light ink. Here, I stamped the sentiment with blue ink first.

* Next, I stamped the sentiment a second time, slightly to the left of the original stamping, with a darker ink. In this case, I used black ink.

I probably could have achieved a similar look with a rubber stamp. But here is why using  clear stamps was an advantage for me: I could see exactly where I was stamping. So well in fact that I was able to position the stamp so a little to the side of the first image so I got a complete shadow effect with little hassle.

Know that I’ll never give up rubber stamps.

But, that said, it’s tricks like this that make me completely dig clear stamps, too.

For me, there are techniques that work better with clear stamps. Just like, I think there are techniques that work better with rubber ones.

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