Let me enable you…

Hey, at least, I am honest. 😉

This is one of those so easy, so “like duh” projects: Gift Stakes. They take five to 10 minutes, and they are perfect for sticking in a pot of flowers to give to a friend or leaving in a bowl of candy for a teacher or co-worker.

What you need to kick if all off is a trip to Target’s dollar aisle, where you should pick up a pack (or two) of the metal plant stakes. You get five stakes for one mere $1 (wooohooo).

Bring your stakes home and go to town. 🙂

Here’s what I did to alter the stake in the picture:

* Cut one piece of cardstock to fit onto onto one of the stakes. 

* Stamp all over it with flower stamps. I used stamps from my friends at Powder Sensations, but, hey, any old stamps will do. 🙂

* Use letter stamps to overstamp the sentiment with black ink. 

* Finished the stake off with a nice little bow.

With materials (not counting the cost of ink and stamps), the one little stake in the picture cost me around 30 cents to make it. Such a deal.

Ok, I know, I know.  Other materials would work just fine for this project (patterned paper, chipboard letters, other stamps, whatever). I was just striving for a totally frugal project here. 🙂   

Have a great day!

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