Today’s card & crafty trick (6-10)

Hello friends!

Let’s get this party started with today’s card.

(eta: Sorry about that. Had to temporarily remove the photo on 6-16. It’ll be back in 12/2008.) 

Yep, it’s again one of those rectangle cards that I love so, so much. 🙂

But, friends, that’s not all.

See that little cream block of paper on the right? Yep, yep, the one looks kind of like notebook paper.  

Well, ta-da! It’s not. 🙂

It’s your good, old-fashioned, stamped piece of paper.

Here’s what I did:

* I stamped Technique Tuesday’s Storytellers – Ledgers’ ledger clear stamp once on cream paper. (For the project, I used cream. For the illustration here, I used a white paper and blue combo so you can more easily see the stamping.)

* I trimmed it. Then, I used the ever-so-handy Bind-It-All machine from Zutter to pop some holes in the top of it.

* This final step was the tricky part. I used my scissors to partly snip and rip each hole.

The end result: a nice looking piece of faux notebook paper. 🙂

Just FYI, the supplies I used for the card are:

* Ledger from Storytellers – Ledgers clear stamp set by Technique Tuesday; Elephant and “I’ll Never Forget” words from Zoology clear stamp set by Technique Tuesday; U from Savannah clear stamp set by Technique Tuesday

* Chocolate, Twilight and Sweet Leaf ink pads from Close to My Heart

* Striped two-sided patterned paper from Making Memories

* Ribbon from May Arts

* Other supplies; Cardstock; Scalloped punch; Zutter Bind-It-All

Thanks for stopping by today.


Today’s Card (6-8)

Howdy friends!

Not much to say about today’s card, other than it’s made of leftovers from other projects.

The ledger paper is from Scenic Route. The pink scalloped paper, the leafy paper,  circle of bling and bird are from My Mind’s Eye. The felt sentiment is from Creative Cafe.

Have a great day!


Today’s card (6-7)

I just have one simple little stamped card to share today. It features Technique Tuesday stamps.


This card took maybe 20 minutes to make.

The hardest part was the faux graph paper circle.

It’s an old trick I shared here a few months back.

What I did was used the ledger circle from the Signed, Sealed and Delivered stamp set.

 I stamped the ledger once horizontally. I turned the stamp vertically and stamped it again. Easy, peasy. 🙂


The friends stamp is from that same set. The ornamental delio is from the Irony set. Both sets are total favorites of mine. The gems are from Me & My Big Ideas.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back again tomorrow. 🙂


Clear Stamps Rock. Reason No. 310.

Yes, my friends, it’s time for another reason from the ol’ Teri’ster about why clear stamps rock.

I present to you Reason No. 310… 

the Faux ribbon technique.

See this card I made here?

Those black and green ribbons are exactly what I am talking about: faux ribbon. 🙂 All the other ribbons in there are the real stuff.

This is a really easy technique.

What you need is a good old fashioned border stamp, an ink pad, a pair of scissors and a couple strips of cardstock. (Just FYI, the border stamps I used here are from Technique Tuesday’s Borderline-Bijou Borders set.)

Here’s what you do:

1. Simply ink up your stamp. Stamp it once on a strip of cardstock.

2. Then line the stamp with image and stamp it again (and again and again). When you’re finished stamping, take your scissors and snip the strip at an angle. Lay the strip next to a couple strips of real ribbon and the end result is a nice faux-real ribbon combination. 

For illustration purposes, here’s what your faux ribbon strips would look like in progress:

Clear stamps work especially well for technique because you can cover a lot of paper and get the look of nice seamless stamping without a lot of effort. Ok, you could use a rubber stamp to do it, but you have to have much more patience than I do. 😉

Have a super day!


Today’s card (6-5)

I’ve got a simple little card to share with you today.


(Sorry about that. The photo had to temporarily be removed on 6-16. It will return in 12/2008.)

The paper, chipboard letters and sticker letters are all from Making Memories. The buttons are from my “what seems to be a never-ending” stash of them. 🙂 Someday, mark my words, I will get to the bottom of them. 😉

Have a great day!