Today’s project (8-22)

I present to you today’s project – an itty bitty bookmark. 🙂

Seriously, this could be one of the simplest projects ever.

All I did was make a mini card.

Then, I opened up the mini card and placed two tiny, tiny, super thin magnets inside it.

You might be wondering just how little those magnets are so here’s a peek of one of the magnets. The other side of the mini card’s inside looks the same way. 🙂

To use the bookmark, it just gets placed on the last page read. The magnets’ power will go through one page. Two pages is a bit too much.

When closed up, the bookmark looks like this.

All the stamps I used to make this bookmark are from Art Declassified’s Summer 2008 release. The magnets are “Super Strong Magnets” from Darice. I found those at a Jo-Ann’s store.

Thanks for peeking. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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