DIY Wednesday (9-24)

It seems like most trendy stampers I know are totally freakin’ out over the Copic markers.

And, yep, yep… they really are awesome for coloring. I totally agree.

But did you know you can use them to do weathered resist technique?

First, let me show you a card.

See that heart? Yep, the red one. It was totally created with this Copic marker weathered resist technique I came up with the other night while messing around.

Here’s what you need to pull off this technique: a Copic marker (or 2); cardstock; clear embossing powder; a Versamark watermark ink pad; a heat gun; a wash cloth, and a stamp cleaner in a bottle with a dauber top. The cleaner should have the ability to remove solvent ink, like Staz-on. The one I used here is Easy Duz It Stamp Cleaner from Joy of Stamping by Pacific Products. I’ve been using it a good solid 8 months now. It’s good stuff.

First, stamp your image with watermark ink. I am using a stamp from Stampington that has pretty strong lines. It is good for illustration purposes here because it has really good lines, but…. really… any old stamp is fine.

Coat the image with your clear embossing powder. Heat up the powder 

Let the image cool down for about 1minute.  Then, scribble all over the image and around with a Copic marker.

Now, it’s time for the fun part.

Liberally rub your stamp cleaning dauber all over your image. Let some of that stamp cleaning liquid come out and onto your image.

Now, use a wash cloth remove the marker ink from embossed lines of your image and lap up some of that liquid.

Now, you have a choice, you can let the image dry and then use it like any old stamp image.

 Or you can apply more color to it. If you apply more color, immediately use the stamp cleaner dauber again to remove the ink. Again, use the wash cloth to lap up the liquid.

Note that the image will probably look a bit ugly while it’s drying. But… believe me… the end result will be a lot prettier.

See, this here is what this image looked like as it dried. Ugly, I tell ya. Ugly.

And here’s how this sample looked after the ink dried and I slapped it on a card.  

Anyway, that’s it for today. Hope to see you tomorrow. 🙂

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