Today’s card (9-16)

I raided my stash of forgotten goods to make today’s card. ūüėČ

The sentiment, paper and flowers are from Me & My Big Ideas. The ribbon’s from Offray.

Time it took to make: 10 minutes.

Time the goods have been waiting to be used: months.

Thanks for stopping by. Be back tomorrow. ūüôā

Love and Quirks (9-16)

A couple of my favorite folks tagged me recently so this post is all about love and quirks.

First, let’s talk about love.

Melissa,¬†one of my¬†crafty heroes and paper crafting buds from “like way back”,¬†recently gave me a¬†sweet¬†“I love your blog” award. It made my day.¬†Thank you, Melissa. You always know how to make a girl smile.

There are a few folks I’d like to pass the same award onto. I failed to save the picture so sorry guys if you feel cheated. ūüėČ

Anyway, they are:

* Megan, who maybe I should just call the Prof. She’s an all-around good person and has¬†a great writer’s voice.

* Nat, who I think could give HGTV’s “Next Design Star” a run for¬†her¬†money. This girl has so many cool ideas for turning someone’s trash¬†into treasure. If you haven’t been to Nat’s site before, you are really missing out. Be sure to check out her archives.

* Wendy P., whose blog I completely enjoy checking out regularly. I love seeing her work!

* Mer, who i think has already received the love award but I love her, too. She’s funny. She’s smart. And she’s got a big ribbon showing off her mad scrappin’ skillz.¬†(Congrats Mer!)

*DeeDee, who I think does beautiful work! You really need to check her out if you haven’t before.

* Shellie,¬†¬†who is my tiara buddy! What I can I say, other than¬†she is awesome. She’s a what you see, what you get, kind of¬†gal. I appreciate that.¬† I really feel like¬†I’m lucky to have met her through scrapbooking but am even more lucky to call my friend.

And speaking of Shellie, let’s talk about quirks. She recently tagged me, too. She wanted me to share 6 quirks about myself.

I really had to think about this one, but here goes:

1. I give nicknames to a lot of my friends that I will probably never tell them. I’ve always done this for people I really like. When I get an email from XXXXX, she is known to me¬†as XXXXX-a-roo. There’s XXXX-legs, XXXX-bells¬†and XXXX-banna-bo-berry. There’s a few more, too.

2. I break for kitchen gadgets. I am impressed easily with claims of ease.¬† Honestly, maybe 1 out¬†of 5 ends of being worth it for me. I once owned a¬†Rotato. Sadly, it didn’t make my life any easier and ended up in the trash. I also owned a Salad Shooter. I have friends who rave about them. But It, too, had a short-lived life with me.¬†Let’s just say it was more like the¬†Slime Shooter in my house.

3. ¬†I bowl. I got talked into joining a bowling leaque last year with ladies that were at least double my age. It was actually fun, even though the ladies kicked my bootie every week by at least 30 40 points.¬† Did I mention the oldest member was 87? ūüėČ I feel like my coolness level has like gone down many notches by admitting that here.

4. It¬†annoys me when news broadcasters regularly mispronounce words, like Oregon. They say “Ory-gone”, which is totally wrong. It’s “Or-e-gun”.¬†I¬†fantastize sometimes of making a rule that¬†if they can’t say the word right, they can’t report the story it’s related to.¬† That’s all I am saying. ūüėČ

5. I am not much of a chocolate fan. Chocolate ice cream I like. Chocolate milk I like. Chocolate candy bars are just OK to me. I know, the horror! ūüėČ

6. I love flip flops and wear them most of the time. A dozen or so pairs here, including the ever-so-important 4th of July pair which have polka dots and big red stars.

If you’ve made it this far, I’d love to hear some of your quirks if you are up to it.

Today’s card (9-13)

It’s a fast one today.

The coolio yellow stuff is from American Crafts’ Moda Bella collection. I had a little leftover from another project I was working. I just couldn’t let it¬†go to waste. I mean, like dude, it’s from AC and I have a bit of an AC addiction.

The “friend” word is a sticker from Colorbok’s the Sweet Life collection. I think¬†the collection is ¬†a Jo-Ann Stores exclusive, but I am not sure.

Anyway, that’s it for today.

Thanks for stopping by.

I’ll be back tomorrow¬†to share a card and some love and quirks (Thanks Melissa and Shellie!).

Frugal Friday (9-12)

It’s my favorite day again. ūüôā

“Ya. Ya. Ya.”

Today’s cheapskate trick involves raiding your hair box for an old style hair comb to make a nifty grid background. You’ll also need cardstock,¬†paint and¬†something to clean the paint off.

Please note that in my case,¬†I won’t be using a traditional hair comb. I’ll be using a tiara with a comb, which (hee hee)¬†a fun friend presented to me a scrapbook crop last year.¬† It’s the only comb I had handy.

Anyway, let’s get started.

First, liberally brush a coat of paint onto a piece of cardstock. I used white cardstock, but you can use any color of carsdtock.

Hold the paper in place. Push the comb (teeth down) through the paint in one direction.

Clean the comb off. I used just water and a washcloth to do this.

Reposition the comb and brush it through the paint again.

Let the paint dry and then use the grid like any old paper.

Here are a couple projects I made with my finished grids.

Both circles here were created with this technique.

And the tree here was also created with it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Swedish Chef checking out. Errr… I mean… Teri… over and out. ūüėČ

I’ll be back this weekend.

DIY Wednesday (9-10)

I squeal a little every time I see a picture of a decorated room with a couple cameos on the wall.  Such a cool look.

And since those kinds of rooms are popping up a little more often on the sites I frequent and in the magazines I read, today’s like DIY Wednesday is all about cameos.

Let’s get started.

You are going to need a picture of someone facing sideways, a piece of paper and scissors. Depending on your picture you might need a pencil, too.

First, cut¬†the head out of the picture.¬†And, please, forgive me for the fantastically bad blurred out picture here, but I wanted to give the folks here a little privacy. ūüėČ

Next thing you’ll do is place¬†the picture¬†on your cardstock and cut around it. If your image isn’t that perfect, don’t fret. Just use a pencil to sketch out the rest of the cameo head before you cut it out.

The end result is a cameo head.  Please note, I sketched the rest the head in here  because I only had half a picture to start off with.

And here’s how my cameo looks on a card. ūüôā

Thanks for stopping by. Crafty mojo fairy willing, ¬†I’ll be back tomorrow.

Frugal Friday (9-5)

Welcome to the first of my soon-to-be (fairly) regular Frugal Friday posts.

On Frugal Friday, I’ll share a cheapskate paper crafting trick. I usually share a project, too.

Today’s all about raiding your cupboards and using a glass, specifically a shot glass, to make a cool background.

To do this, you are going to need: a shot glass; an ink pad or two (they should be little larger than the rim of the glass); a piece of cardstock and a damp wash cloth.

Let’s get started.

Set your glass on your ink pad. Twist it until the rim is thoroughly covered with ink.

Place the glass on the piece of cardstock. Twist the glass while it’s sitting on the paper so that the ink¬†completely transfers from the glass to the paper.¬†I personally prefer Distress Ink pads from Ranger Industries because the ink spreads out a bit and gives a nice, grungy look.

Now, use your glass to stamp again and again. If you want to change colors between stampings, just set your glass on your damp washcloth and twist off any leftover ink. This will keep your ink pads from getting contaminated.

When you are finished, use the paper like any other paper.

Here are two projects I completed using this Frugal Friday trick.

The green background here was completed with with two different shades of green ink.  I also stamped the green circle on the circle tag.

Here, I just stamped the circle rings on the two pieces of patterned paper.

The “Be Kind to Earth” sentiment stamp on both projects is from Heart & Soul. The patterned papers are from October Afternoon (the trees and doe) and Scenic Route (the graph paper).

Thanks for stopping by today.

And, can I just say how much I love saying Frugal Friday?! ¬†Everytime I think of it, my voice changes to a Swedish Chef voice. I utter the words, “Ya, ya, ya… It’s Fruuuuuuu—gal Frid-day.” How I love this day! ūüôā

I’ll be back tomorrow.

Today’s card (9-4)

Today’s card features a little of that faux woodgrain paper leftover from DIY Wednesday.

The dinosaur and the paper behind the woodgrain stuff is from Cosmo Cricket. The letters are from American Crafts. The conversation bubble sticker is from Colorbok.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back again tomorrow.

DIY Wednesday (9-3)

I want to try something new here in blogville. Rather than doing the same today’s card” post,¬†I’m going to start trying to add a few new “fairly regular” features. Starting today, Wednesdays will usually be DIY Wednesdays and Friday’s will¬†normally¬†be Frugal Fridays. ūüėČ

DIY Wednesday will feature some interesting¬†trick or look and¬†show¬†you how I did it. Today, I’ll show you how to make your own woodgrain paper. I’ll also show you a paper crafting project.

And Frugal Friday showcase a cheap-o, penny-pinching paper crafting trick and/or project.  

So let’s get started with the first¬†DIY Wednesday.

First, here’s the project.

That woodgrain look you see is paper I created all by myself.

It was easy, easy, easy.

Here’s how I did it.

I started with a piece of cardstock, craft paint, brush and a woodgrain tool. The tool I have here was found in the paint aisle at Home Depot. It cost less than $3. The paint I used is from Heidi Swapp, but any old paint is good for this trick.

Then, I brushed on a generous helping of paint on a piece of white cardstock.

Finally, I held the tool and pulled it down my piece of cardstock to make the woodgrain lines. The end result was a a piece of woodgrain paper.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back tomorrow. ūüôā

Today’s card (9-2)

I don’t have much to say today so here is today’s card.

The patterned papers are from 7gypsies and Jenni Bowlin. The lace paper is from KI Memories. The white chipboard accents are from good ol’ American Crafts.

Have a super day. ūüôā