DIY Wednesday (10-22)

It’s DIY Wednesday, and I’ve got a fun, faux distress technique share with you today.

First, let me show you a card.

See those white edges? That’s the faux distress look I am talking about.

It was very, very, very easy to create this look. And here’s how you can do it, too.

First, you are going to need a pretty detailed background stamp. The one I used here is a denim texture stamp from Cornish Heritage Farms. Another one I think works good for this kind of look is the Architecture background stamp from Art Declassified.

You are also going to need a dark colored stamp pad, a card to stamp on and a small stamping block.

Set your stamp rubber side up on your table.

Ink up part of the stamp by tapping the pad right on it. Keep tapping until your stamp had a nice coat of ink on it.

Set your card on the inked area of the stamp.

Hold it steady with a couple fingers on one hand.

Then, use your fingers on the other hand to rub a stamping block over the image. Be sure to refrain from rubbing everywhere. That way, you get those nice white edges.

When finished, lift up your card and proceed as you wish. 🙂

Easy peasy.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back tomorrow. 

Thanks for stopping by today!

Ps…. I forgot to mention the flowers and sentiment on this card are from Kim Hughes’ Silhouette Blooms 2 set from Cornish Heritage Farms. The graph paper is from Scenic Route.

4 thoughts on “DIY Wednesday (10-22)

  1. uhuh, just as I thought… i love it! I really love visiting your site every day. you have a nice modern, and clean feel that I just love. I just picked up some backgrounds from CHF and now I’m wishing I would have got this one too. I really like it. I hope to try it tonight. Thanks also for the info on your last card.
    keep up the good work. see you tomorrow! (ok, is that creepy? but really, see you tomorrow.)

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