Today’s card (11-14)

Today’s card is not a home run card.

It’s more a “I got to second base and I am OK with that” kind of card.  😉


The stamped images are all from Technique Tuesday.

I went from a nice simple card to a not-so-simple one with one complicated poinsetta.

My work process went something like this:

1. Stamp poinsetta in yellow and red ink. Fuss cause I am “just not sure” with how it looks.

2. Use red pencil to shade the edges of the poinsetta’s leaves. Again, murmer “I am just not sure.”

3. Mumble a few “hmmmmmms.”

4. Grab a bottle of clear glaze (aka: Glossy Accents from Ranger) and attempt to squirt it along the edges of the poinsetta leaves.

5. Discover bottle is clogged. Curse. Grab pin to unclog it. Try again.

6. Let glaze dry overnight.

7. Wake up and look at it, realizing that it still needs something.

8. Apply the “When it doubt, bling it” philosophy. Grab bottle of Stickles and liberally lay it on the leaves.

9. Leave it to dry all morning. All stinkin’ morning.

10. Go back to the card. Look at it and scream, “It’s pink now????!!!”

11.  Come to the realization the card isn’t just pink now but glows. Curse again.

12. Decide that’s it. No more. Walk away from the poinsetta. Call it good.

There’s a reason I favor 5-step cards. This card reminds me of that. 😉

I’ll be back tomorrow.

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