DIY Wednesday (9-19)

Yay! It’s DIY Wednesday.

Today’s DIY technique is faux letterpress.

What’s letterpress, you ask? Well, my explanation is really dumbed down, but letterpress is a form of printing. Metal blocks are used to print and imprint beautiful designs onto stationary.  

Walk into any small, hip mom & pop stationary store or cool, indie craft fair and you’ll likely find a ton of letterpress cards and prints.

I pretty much go nuts when I spy letterpress stationary. I love the look so this is my faux way of letterpress’ing it.

To pull off this technique, you are going to need:

* Paper drink coasters or Technique Tiles from Technique Tuesday. I prefer the Technique Tiles because they are a bit thicker, but coasters will work.

* A stamp or 2

* An embossing stylus

* Inks (dye and chalk)

* Some kind of sealer.  I am using car wax as my sealer. Curious as to why? Read on, friends. Read on. 😉


Let’s get started.

First, coat your coaster with two colors of chalk ink.



Let the inks sit a minute or so.

Using dye ink, stamp on the coaster with your image.


Let the coaster sit a minute or so.

Take the small end of your embossing stylus and rub it along the image’s lines. Keep rubbing until the image looks like it has a little texture.


Complete any additional stamping to your coaster.

Next, apply a sealant. I’ve used Glossy Accents. It works.  However, for this project here, I don’t want a glossy finish. Instead, I am using CAR Wax. Believe it or not, it totally works.

Rub the wax onto your tile. Your ink will not bleed with this stuff! 🙂 (It does a little with the Glossy Accents. ) Rub the wax off.


And woolah! The end result is this.  Check out that texture. Oh la la.


Your tile is ready to be used on a project. 🙂

Here are two projects I’ve made with this technique.


The base of this bookmark is a Technique Tile from Technique Tuesday. The nice thing about their tiles is they are a bit thicker so it’s a little easier to get texture with the stylus.


I used a regular old drink coaster for card. It’s the kind of coaster you’d get at a bar. It took a bit more pressure with the stylus. I didn’t get quite as strong of an impression, but it worked.

Anyway, that’s it for today!

Be back again tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “DIY Wednesday (9-19)

  1. Can’t wait to try this technique…and I never thought I’d need car wax for scrapbooking! My hubby will think I’ve lost it when I ask to borrow his car wax, hehe!

  2. How cool!!! DH has a container of that wax sitting by the back door in my scraproom, might have to give it a try. Who would have thought the junk that was cluttering up my room just might be useful, LOL!

  3. what a cute idea Teri– love it! and car wax, seriously lol. I dunno, I just bought some polyurethine from home depot yesterday for some crafty projects– I am thinking it is for more than tile! 😀

  4. This is stinkin’ gorgeous! Love the “wax on, wax off” thing, young grasshopper. Hey, I gave you a shout out on my blog yesterday, too. Loves!

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