Today’s projects (1-20)

I’ve been dying to share today’s projects with you.

Ok, dying sounds harsh.

But I’ve been totally, stinkin’ anxiously waiting for this moment.

Without any delay, meet Project No. 1!


Oh yeah, baby. See those cameo images on my little hoop frames? Yes, my friend, those lovely little people. Awwww! (Do you hear my screams of glee?) I love them.  They are part of The Cameo, a new set of cling-foam mounted rubber stamps from Art Declassified. It’s the coolest set.

 Oh yeah, and just in case you are wondering about the project. The idea I have is this little hoops would hang over coat hooks for the Mr. and Mrs. Fun, huh?

Meet Project No. 2.


This one, too, uses new images from Art Declassified. The botanical is from a new set called “Florals”. It, too, I love. 🙂  The sentiment is available seperately. I really like it.

Come back tomorrow. I have many, many, many more projects to share in the coming days.

3 thoughts on “Today’s projects (1-20)

  1. ok, those cameos in the hoop frames are GENIUS, seriously in love with your clever idea!!
    gorgeous, gorgeous stamps on your card too ~ thanks for the eye candy today teri!!

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