Today’s cards (5-30)

Hi all!

Well, I’m at the end of the train this month for GCD Studios.

Heidi’s been challenging the design team all month on the GCD Studios blog to make something inspired by these fun dolls.

My first thought was to make a cute nesting doll card. That seemed a little too obvious so I decided instead to make  nested cards. I’d somehow incorporate a smaller, blank card onto a larger card. That way, the recipient will receive a card from me, as well as a blank card that she can give to someone else.

I ended up making two nested cards.

Here’s my first attempt.

The small panel with the butterfly is the mini card. The yellow patterned paper from Melody Ross’ Artsy Urban collection acts like a pocket. I only adhered adhesive on three sides of it so the little card could be slid out.

And here’s my second attempt.

The flower panel here is the second card.

Rather than putting a sentiment inside the big card, I put a sentiment inside the mini card. It serves a dual purpose, working as a sentiment for the recipient of the little card as well as the big card.

With this one, I adhered the mini card with a small piece of two-way tape. The recipient just has to pull the mini card off of the big card.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back again soon.

8 thoughts on “Today’s cards (5-30)

  1. This brings up an issue I’ve been wrestling with – are my cards ephemera, to be tossed when read? Or should they be saved as sentimental keepsakes? As I struggle to make each one, I find it takes me up to several hours to finish each one. I try to calm my jitters over how successful I’m being by saying to myself, “It’s only ephemera, meant to be tossed. Don’t sweat over perfection.” On the other hand, I was kinda disappointed when my mother took one look at my Mothers Day card and said,”Do you want me to save this card so you can pull the stuff off and use it over again?” I was hoping she’d want to keep it and admire it for a while rather than immediately thinking about ripping it apart.
    I saw a funny rubber stamp that said something to the effect of “this is a handmade card that took hours to make. If you throw it away, those same hands will make a little doll that looks like you and stick pins in its butt.” I guess these kangaroo cards solve that dilemma I have, whether it should be saved or tossed. Guess I could do that for next Mothers Day. Nice idea.

  2. These are really fun. Great use of patterns and colors! I’m trying to not be so matchy-matchy all the time. You’ve got a great eye for mixing things up!

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