GCD Technique: Bagging good fun (5-14)

Hi everyone!

I’ve got a new technique to share with you that I came up with for the GCD Studios blog this month.

Believe me, I “bagged” Heidi at GCD Studios to let me share it here, too.

Hee hee. 🙂 Just kidding.

But I’m totally excited to to show you today a few new and fun ways to use the gift bags from Melody Ross’ Homespun Chic collection on your cards and scrapbook pages.

First, if you haven’t seen the bags before, click here for a peek. GCD Studios makes four different kinds. Each is clear plastic with a design printed on it. I am partial to the blue houndstooth print. It’s “oh la la” worthy.

The bags are great to use as they come for wrapping gifts and special treats. But you need to prep them first when you want to use them on cards and scrapbook pages.

You do that by:

1. Setting a bag in a paper trimmer and cutting off the sealed end.

2. Taking what is left of the bag and using your scissors to cut down the seam. Unfold the bag and you’ll have one really long rectangle to work with.

You can really go to town.

You can use the bags like patterned paper.

I applied clear adhesive to my card base here before I applied the bag piece to it. Once applied,  I rubbed my hand over it to even out any wrinkles.

And here’s how the whole card looks.

You can also use a bag to make a pretty window.

I cut a hole through my card and then mounted a piece of the bag inside the card.

And here’s how the whole card looks.

Besides these two ways, you can also diecut and piece pieces of the bags together to make flowers and cut them in strips to make ribbon.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back again soon.

Today’s cards (5-12)

Hi all!

Today is one of those special days.

It is one of those days when I can’t help but smile.

That’s because I get to share with you some cards created with my talented, stamptastic friend Kimberly’s brand new Mint Motif stamps for I {heart} Papers.  If you haven’t heard of Kimberly, hit her blog now. She’s quite the crafty girl.

I am a lucky girl because… well.. Kimberly’s my friend. 😉 And, well, I am also lucky because she hooked me up her first two sets to give them a spin.

So, without further adieu, meet today’s cards.

Here’s #1.

This one uses both the Very Square and Very Square sentiments sets. Both sets are clear stamp sets.

And the Very Square set is cool. It’s got six different patterned designs. They are fun to mix and match together. I am particularly font of the polka dot pattern. I also really like the pattern I stamped on the green square.

Here’s some a closer photo so you can get a better look at the patterns I used here.

And meet #2.

I kept with the same color scheme here as the last card since I had all the supplies out already. Yes, I’m lazy like that. 😉  I again used both stamp sets. I chopped up the sentiment on this one. I left out the word “love”, opting to use a heart instead.

The string and pearl are from my stash.

A big thanks to Kimberly for giving me the chance to play with her stamps. Friend, may your stamps be a huge success.

Oh yes, and I almost forget, Mint Motif stamps will go on sale here on May 14th.

Thanks all for stopping by. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Today’s cards (5-11)

Hi all!

No chit chat today.

I’ve got a backlog of cards to share today so let’s get started.

Meet #1.

Ohhhhh. What is that I spy? Ohhhh. It’s  new stamps from Technique Tuesday.

It should come as no surprise to anyone here that TT is one of my most favorite stamp companies. So yep. I knew when I saw the Ali’s new Mama = Love set that it would be mine. 😉 Pretty much all of Ali’s sets = Teri love.

The rest here is just cardstock, ribbon and pearls.

Meet #2.

This is another one using using the Mama = Love stamp set from Technique Tuesday. Sloppy half circles were stitched with a sewing machine. I initially planned to add gems randomly along the stitched lines, but I opted for a flat card instead.

And meet #3.

This is one I worked  up with some scraps leftover from other projects. Pretty much all here is from GCD Studios and the Homespun Chic collection. The border came stitched and is from the Artsy Urban collection.

Well, that is all for now. I’ll be back later.

Thanks for stopping by.

Today’s card (5-7)

Hello all!

Meet today’s card.

So the inside says: “You’re awesome!”

Hee hee. 🙂

I was inspired by Cath’s Three Cheers for Chairs challenge on Moxie Fab World to make this one.  Gotta love chairs and all those chair products out there now.

The fancy chair and clock are stickers from American “Mmmmmmm”  Crafts. The woodgrain patterns were cut from patterned papers from Studio Calico. The crystals are from Zva Creative.

That is all for now. Be back later.

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More publishing tips: What not to do (5-5)

Hi all!

Paper Crafts has a new call up for submissions. You can check it out by clicking here.

It seems like I always get questions when there is a new call. And since I know a lot of you out there submit or have thought about doing it, I  thought I would talk today about what not to do when taking and preparing photos of your projects for submissions for the magazine.

I kind of like visual examples so I’ve worked up a few examples of what not to do with the card I posted here yesterday.

Let’s get started.

1. Don’t add watermarks or typed letters to your picture like “Penelope” did in this one. 😉

The editors really do care about judging projects blindly. They do not want to know who made them. They do want to see your project.

Sometimes, the writing covers up little details they want to see.

I recommend that if you need a watermark for a picture you are going to post on your blog to take a separate picture to use watermark-free for submission purposes.

2. Avoid hidden messages like this.

Believe me, pleading gets you nowhere.

3. Take clear pictures. Not fuzzy ones like this.

You know the card is super cool, but the fuzz keeps the editors from being able to tell just how cool it is.

I should also add to take pictures of your projects straight on. They want to see the whole project and not just the side of it.

4. Avoid props.

Am I trying to get the flower published here or the card?

Matt, the magazine’s art guru, is the prop guy. He and the editors need to see projects prop free so they can work ahead and figure out what they want to use to bring together your project with the whole group of projects they want to publish.

Again, props are really popular with pictures on crafty blogs. I recommend if you need a photo with props for your blog, take a prop-free one for submission purposes.

5. Just say no to patterned paper backgrounds and buttons in the foreground.

Patterned papers don’t always enhance the card. Take the picture here.

The paper is from the same collection I used on the card. It has the same colors and all, but it clashes.  Don’t sabotage yourself with getting picked up. Just. Say. No. Use a neutral background like white cardstock, a painted wall or a piece of solid fabric.

Buttons are a pretty popular prop in the crafty blog world. But they, too, can be problematic with submission photos. The buttons might clash with your project. Or an interesting button might even draw visual interest away from your project.

6. Avoid taking pictures of your projects laying down like here.

Think about the magazine. Almost all the projects that appear in the magazine are shot standing up. Make it easy for those editors.  Show them how your project would look if it appeared in the magazine standing up.

7. Adding your smiling face behind your project won’t help you get picked up either.

Hee, thank goodness, right? 😉

Finally, when you do submit, remember to size your photo accordingly in your photo editing program. Photos should be no bigger than 300 K. They should also be no bigger than 550 pixels in any one direction. If you don’t know how to do it, ask a computer savvy friend to help you out.

Hope this helps those of you out who are submitting to Paper Crafts.

If you missed my more general publishing tips posted here previously, check out this link. It will give you a few more tips.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new card.

Thanks for stopping by.

Today’s card (5-4)

Hello, hello!

Back to cards! I’ve got one to share with you today.

Meet today’s card.

The paper here is from Webster’s Pages. The cool ribbon is from Bloomers ribbon from Webster’s Pages. It is one of those products that pretty much makes my heart flutter. I dig it so much. The butterfly is from Jenni Bowlin, and the letters are from Doodlebug.

The white string is from my stash.

That is all for now.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more tips for the aspiring-to-be-published paper crafter.

Thanks for stopping by!

Today’s layouts (5-2)

No, really. You are at the right place. 🙂

I know, I usually share cards here.

But in the spirit of National Scrapbook Day, I thought I would share a couple layouts I made during Saturday’s festivities.

I don’t know about you all, but I scrapbooked a ton on Saturday! I spent the whole day in a room full of scrapbookers (with a few card fans peppered in). I put together… get this… 12 pages! Woot! I can’t tell you the last time I completed that many pages in one day. It felt DANG good!

Anyway, here are a few of the layouts I made.

Meet #1.

I’ve got a scrapbook going on my crafty experiences. this one goes into it.  During the last Editorial Board meeting for Paper Crafts, we had the chance the visit  the offices of Doodlebug and American Crafts. Really fun. This one is about the Doodlebug experience.

Meet #2.

This is another one for my crafty scrapbook. This is from World Card Making Day last year  when I got to visit Stampin’ Cat Studio. Really a fun place with really nice people!

Meet #3.

I am not really a fan of the design of this one, but it was a hard one for me to make so I just had to go with where things landed. This is my loyal canine companion, Murphy. Many of my scrapbook friends have seen layouts of him I’ve done over the years. Murphy sadly passed away in September, and these are some of the last happy pictures and memories I have of him. Gosh, I miss that boy.

I hope those of you who scrapbook were able to spend a little time scrapping on Saturday. And I hope those of you who aren’t scrap fans were able to whip out some cards.

I can’t think of anything else to share with you so I’ll be back later.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS. A new submission call is up at Paper Crafts. You have until midnight on May 10th to submit.  You can check out the call by clicking here.

Today’s card (5-1)

Hi everyone!

I just have one quick card to share with you today.

Meet today’s card.

I can’t say this is the most groundbreaking card. 😉

This is a simple one I whipped together for Zva Creative. I really just wanted to use a few things I’ve been wanting to try but haven’t.

Everything bling-related here is from Zva. The yellow paper is from My Mind’s Eye. The other stuff is from my stash.

Before I go, a special shout-out to my scrapbook friends today. Wishing you all a good National Scrapbook Day! Go make something. 😉

Be back later.

Thanks for swinging by.