Today’s card (8-27)

Hi everyone!
How goes it?
Well, meet today’s card.

I have this story about this card to share with you.
It happened because I decided the other day to take part in the Virtual Stamping Night festivities on a certain stamping board. I made my plan: I was going to all for it. I was going to do every stinking challenge I could on said certain stamping board.
I loaded up my desk with a stack of stamps, a pile of paper of paper and ink and accessories. I was ready, Freddy. 😉 Hit me, peeps.
So the evening hits and the said stamping board kicked off their festivities.
And then like I am like yeah…. man. Bring it.
I can do this.
I open the forum.
And like… holy stinkin’ moley. It’s like party central.  There is like a ton threads. And like … oh my gosh… flipping out starts in my head.
“These challenge girls are dang good, man. The challenges are like 10 minutes old and they are already on page 2!!!”
So I am like…
What do I do? What do I do?
I had this big plan.

Ha. Yeah. Totally tossed it out and just started opening threads and going for it.
Yeah, serious stamping like a mad woman.
I was tossing papers, throwing  stuff to the side of my desk to make room and just going genuinely nuts.

No time to fuss about color combos or pretty designs. It was all about getting in done in my world.

I am telling  ya now that it wasn’t pretty here in Teri-ville for a few hours. Not even one bit. 😉
My desk… I am not kidding, y’all…. was a hot mess as I worked on it.
If stamping could ever make you pant, I probably did it when I made this card and a couple other ones I made tonight.

Needless to say, my plans of being a super challenge overachiever weren’t exactly fulfilled tonight, but I sure had a fun few hours of stamping!

The waves, sun and words on this card are from Awesome Days of Summer by Ali Edwards for Technique Tuesday. The cardstock is from American  Crafts. The gem is from my stash.

That is all for now. Be back later.

Thanks for stopping by.

16 thoughts on “Today’s card (8-27)

  1. Who knew you could get an aerobic workout while card-making. My kind of exercise for sure! LOL. This card is beautiful!

  2. You hide your franticness well. This card looks well thought out and executed. Maybe we should all do a little unplanned, go with the flow, stamping from time to time. You turned out a very creative and pretty card.

  3. wow! THAT’s a story! [the only time i get winded in my workroom is when i’m reaching for a box of ribbons on my top shelf!] i love this card… it’s so cute and looks simple to do, but is so full of things to see! thanks for this one ~k

  4. LOL! TOO funny. I’ve done those once or twice, but with LOW expectations. Like, “I think I’ll do TWO challenges tonight”….hehehe 🙂
    LOVE that fun card you turned out. Do we get to see the rest??

  5. Fabulous card, Teri! Love, love, love it! And what a fun story! I’ve been in that same spot: same stamping board, same virtual challenges, same overwhelmed feeling!! Ya done good!

  6. Oh, Teri! You crack me! I loved this blog entry and hearing about your studio being a hot mess. Good on ya’, girl! In all the years I’ve been a member of that site, I’ve never once participated in VSN–I cannot keep up with those challenge chicks! They are AMAZING! *more chuckling*

  7. Hahahaha! I loved your story about VSN. I’m a longtime VSN fan – I’ve played many, many times, and hosted, too. I love the rush that comes with speed-creating! I’m glad you had a good time!

  8. Oh man. This is fantastic. I sooooo love that little scene and that lone palm tree. Palm trees crack me up. There’s something so happy and festive about ’em.

    Awesome colors, great design. Fun card.

    I’m glad you had fun at VSN. I would have loved to have seen “before” and “after” shots of your craft table.

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