Go-to Challenge: Imaginisce (12-29)

Hey all!

It’s the last Wednesday of the month. That means it’s Go-to Challenge time! 🙂

In case you are just tuning in,each month the Go-to-Gals pick a manufacturer and challenge each other to use their products. We share our results on the last day of the month. Some times, we all play. Some times, we don’t. There are no real rules other than it’s just for fun. and it involves someone we dig.

This time, we challenged each other play with Imaginisce’s products. 

I came up with this card. With that, meet today’s card.  😉

The circles and flowers are Roly Rosies from Imaginisce. The circles would make the same kind of flowers. I just didn’t roll them.

It probably comes as no surprise to many of you. I like tools. 😉 (Hee hee, Tooling Around, anyone? )

So I used an Imaginisce tool (since Imaginisce makes so many of tools) to put this together. I used their Petal Roller tool to put the flowers together.


Here’s how it works:

1. Start with a Roly Rosie. Punch it out. You can also cut your own freehand spiral flower from a circle to work with.

2. Slide the corner of the flower between the two prongs on the flat end of the roller.

3. Start rolling the flower around the tool.  Be sure to turn the tool as you go and not the paper.

4. Get to the bottom and you’ll have this big flower middle left over.

5. Remove the rosie from the tool.

6. Place hot glue on the leftover middle flap. That will be the bottom of your flower.


7. Finish it up by using the ball end of the tool to roll some of the flower’s edges. Do it until you have a look you are happy with. 

Be sure to check out the blogs of Betsy, Kim H., Kim K. , Maren and Jess to see what they worked up for this challenge.

Thanks for stopping by. Be back soon!

12 thoughts on “Go-to Challenge: Imaginisce (12-29)

  1. Hi Teri!
    I figure since you like to “tool around” so much you may know the answer to this question. I have been studying the picture of the petal rolling tool and wondering if it’s like a quilling tool and if you could get the same results with a quilling tool? Thanks for your help. Carol

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