Today’s card (4-6)

Hi all!

Meet today’s card.

This is a goofy little one I worked up while playing with Paper Smooches’ stamps.  It’s on the Paper Smooches blog today so I thought I’d share it here today, too.

This one has got an inside this time.

Hee hee hee! 😉  Couldn’t resist.

The television, “hey” and inner sentiment are from Paper Smooches’ Boob Tubes set. The bat and “love” are from the Falling for You set.

Before I go, I wanted to take a minute and send a big thanks to those who have stopped by over the last couple days and commented about me continuing as a Go-to-Gal.

Sure appreciate your kind words, support and your friendship!

I can tell you that I never imagined (even in my wildest dreams) I’d have the opportunity to do something like being a Go-to-Gal. The first time I was invited to try out, I literally jumped in the car, opened the invitation up (thinking at the time that it was a Christmas card) and then realized what it is was. I just sat there in shock for a crazy amount of time after I read it.  It was something I never saw in myself as having the ability to do and was so surprised that the magazine’s editors saw something in me that made them think I might be able to do it.

Fast forward to now, I am feeling a bit like, “Wow, did that really happen?” Crazy!  I am definitely excited to get to do it again with all of you.  Here’s to the fun journey ahead.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, y’all! I’ll be back again soon.

14 thoughts on “Today’s card (4-6)

  1. HA! I just love this card Teri! You are one crafty lady and deserve the spot! I am ALWAYS inspired by your work. You do such inventive things with stamps and paper!

  2. Cute!! I need that TV. Is that decorative paper or just regular notebook paper? I can’t decide if I should by a stamp, deco paper or just use a pad that I have for notebook paper.

  3. Add my congrats to the list. I enjoy your creativity, your unusual techniques, attention to detail and sense of humor, like today’s card!

  4. That’s so cute!

    I love opening my PC mag and seeing your face as a go-to-gal. I feel like I “know” somebody famous!

  5. Teri – I love your style, your vision, your colors, and everything you do! Love, love, love the bat in the tv! My day is complete, and it is only 5:50am!!!!! Thanks

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