Today’s card (5-9)

Hi all!

Meet today’s card.

(Dummmm. Dummmmmm. Dummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.)

I made the flower background here by stamping the flower several times and then coloring it with Caran d’Ache watercolor crayons.  Have you heard of them?

I must say: They are my new favorite paper crafting toy! 🙂

They are these super cool crayons for adults, so to speak. They are from Switzerland  and are kind of a cross between crayons for kids and watercolor pencils for adults.

I became familiar with them because of my pals at Technique Tuesday. They discovered them and spent the last six months or so playing with them and exploring what you can do with them. They liked them so much that they recently began carrying them in their online store and at their convention booths at CKCs and Scrapbook Expos.

I used to have some from another manufacturer that I found at a big box store. They were OK, but I like these so much more. I found these ones easier to work with because they are smaller and easier to hold and the color goes on nicer and creamier Plus, you can buy them crayon by crayon so you aren’t stuck with colors you don’t like.

Anyway, here’s how the process to use these works:

1. Start by stamping an image.

2. Apply a strong layer of crayon around the outside of the image. You want to be liberal in that line. Don’t do one little line. Do several so you have more color to work with.

3. Blend the color with water. I used a paintbrush. You could be all fancy schmanzy and use a waterbrush or you could do it the frugal way and use a cotton swab! It works no matter what you use. 🙂


I just love these things!

They are so easy!

I am pretty sure this isn’t the last time you will see them on my old blog-a-roo. 😉

Best go. Be back again tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

19 thoughts on “Today’s card (5-9)

  1. Gorgeous!!! Great combo with this line drawing flower. Hope to see more of your cards using this technique. Thanks for the how to.

  2. Oh, Teri…I love the cards you create and how much fun it is to read your blog. Thanks for sharing this technique today. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas too.

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