Today’s card pt. 2 (6-1)

Hi everyone!

I’m back. 🙂

Meet another card for today.

This is the Studio AE card I promised earlier this week.

I used the June Studio AE stamp set from Technique Tuesday on it. All the words are from the set. The plane is from their All Aboard stamp set, which I think works great for the travel feel of the set.

To give the card and the circle tile the red edges, I brushed a red Watercolor crayon along the edges. Then, I used a paper towel to rub the color really hard and spread it out. Just kind of a fun thing to do and change the look of a card.

That’s really all for now. 😉

Be back later.



7 thoughts on “Today’s card pt. 2 (6-1)

  1. This is a wonderful card, Teri! I love how you incorporated so many words into the stamped strip. Also love the red edges. I’ll have to get my new TT crayons out and try this.

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