GCD Studios (June): Keeping it fun and clean!

Hello all!

I am on the  GCD Studios blog today so I am bringing my post here, too.

We were challenged this month to define our style.

It’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? 🙂 I  like to go many ways when I make cards, but I guess the style I gravitate to the most is clean and fun.

This card is the perfect example of my style.


This card doesn’t have too much on it, but it’s got enough patterned paper and embellishments that make it interesting.

And here is one more example of my clean style.

There again isn’t too much on it, but there’s just enough embellishments on it to keep it interesting. The birds fly across the card, and the sentiment keeps you reading the words.

I have a few tricks for you to use when you make clean and fun projects:

  1. Limit yourself with the embellishments you use. I like to keep the number of different embellishments I use on cards to seven or less. Any more, things just seem a bit too crowded.
  2. Keep the project focused on the card’s purpose. With the first card, I wanted to make an encouragement card that focus on the “Learn the Lesson” message. Everything I added (the additional words and even the bird) steered focus on the message.
  3. Be sure to obey design rules. Apply the rule of thirds, balance and symmetry to  your projects.

10 thoughts on “GCD Studios (June): Keeping it fun and clean!

  1. Sorry for my snort! Obey the rules? Rules are meant to be broken. Oh wait, you said DESIGN rules!! OK, those I “mostly” try to follow.

    Love both of your clean cards.

  2. Great tips. I think you have a unique style that stands apart from the general labels. Always interesting and fresh.

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