Last Day of Blogs 4 Boobies!

Hi all!

It’s the last day to bid all the projects up for grabs as part of the Blogs 4 Boobies effort from Skipping Stones Design and friends.

There is still time to bid on my project in fact. Here is another look at it. 🙂

My project is a five card set.

The cards come with envelopes. They are blank inside.

Each card has a different sentiment on it.

I am also throwing in a Grunge stamp set from Skipping Stones Design (which I had an extra one of) as  a thank you to the winning bidder.

The auction will end at 8:00 p.m. Mountain time August 23rd.

The highest bid is currently $30.
To win this simply bid more than $30  in the comment section of THIS post.  YOU MUST INCLUDE your EMAIL ADDRESS with your $bid. ( This way Skipping Stones Design can get in contact with the winning bidder.)
Remember 100% of what you bid will go to the Komen foundation!!! If you are the top bidder you will receive a paypal invoice for the amount that you bid.

There is also still time to shop at Skipping Stones Design and benefit the Komen Foundation!!  Through midnight on the 23rd of August, Skipping Stones Design is still donating $2 (to the Komen Foundation) for every stamp set sold.

Together we can make a difference!!!

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