Stitching with Twine

Hi everyone!

Meet today’s card.

I made this fun, cheerful card the other day that was shared it on the Twisted Sugar Twine blog. I thought I’d share it here, too.

Of course, no card would be complete without twine! Yes, I admit it. I am twine addict. 😉

So I sewed all around the center panel using three of my favorite Twisted Sugar Twine colors: Cola Red; Licorice Twist and Blue Sugar.

I think the hardest part of sewing with twine is getting it through the needle.

I have found a needle threading tool to be helpful! You can often find them in a craft store’s  embroidery department.

Start by poking the tool through the needle.

Place the twine through the end of the tool.

Pull the tool and twine through the needle’s hole. Remove the tool and adjust the twine so you can start sewing with the needle.

Also, if you are stitching the twine through paper, be sure to poke your holes before you sew. This will help keep you from warping the paper as you sew.

See you again soon!

5 thoughts on “Stitching with Twine

  1. Super fun colors and that banner is too cute! I am so getting one of those tools. I sewed on a tag this weekend and it took forever for me to get that needle threaded!!!

  2. Love how colorful the card is, so cute. If a person doesn’t have access to a craft store, you can buy a small container of dental floss threaders. For years I have been using these to thread needles and run twine through button holes. They are readily available at the grocery store. Have a good evening.

  3. Okay, smarty crafty one!
    For years I’ve been using those stupid little needle threaders from fabric stores … they break by looking at them — especially with “over-40-eyes” … this is a FACT. So now you show me this uber-cool-not-so-stinkin-fragile threader … and I’m literally ready to jump in the car to go find one! (Oh yeah … it’s after midnight here … maybe I’ll stay home for a few hours?!?)
    Anyway … you have over-the-top inspired me tonight with your divine creativity in card-making … AND with your clever tool-finds!! Why oh why don’t you just live “closer” to Texas????!

    Bev – you know … the “mom”! LOL

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