GCD Studios: Dressing up with GCD Studios

Hi everyone!

This is a project I worked up for the GCD Studios blog, and I thought I would share my post here today, too.

Looking for a fun gift to make for the little one in your life?

I’ve got a low-cost but super fun toy that you can make using GCD’s patterned papers and Funhouse rub-ons.

Meet Dress Up Dee.

This fun little tin consists of a doll to to dress up and a whole bunch of fun accessories.

To make one like it, you are going to need:

* a metal tin consisting of a lid and bottom (I used a repurposed tin that originally held a CD.)

* magnets

* GCD Studios rub-ons and papers from the Funhouse collection

* (optional) twine, wiggle eyes and buttons

Here’s what you do:

1. Cover tin on the inside and outside with patterned paper.

2. Decorate the first inner panel of the tin with a doll. Create a head with a circle. Create a body with a piece of patterned paper. For additional fun, decorate the area around the doll. I made a banner.

3. Create the accessories to put on your doll.  Apply mustache, eyeglass and mouth rub-ons to cardstock. Trim. Create ties, hair and bows from patterned paper. Set aside some other embellishments to use as accessories.

6. Cut up magnets to use on the back of your accessories.  I used old refrigerator magnets for my accessories. I simply cut them up and them glued to the accessories.

7. Arrange accessories in the tin.

8. Decorate the outside of the tin.

When you all are done, give the tin to your favorite little one. Encourage them to play and try to come up with all kinds of fun dress up combos for Dee!


7 thoughts on “GCD Studios: Dressing up with GCD Studios

  1. Wow–you’ve got your creative mojo going full-blast these past few days 🙂 Catching up a bit on blogs today. The tip from yesterday for threading the needle was so helpful–didn’t know those little gizmos existed. Will be getting one very soon!

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