Today’s not-a-card project (9-6)

Hi everyone!

It’s a good day to share something other than a card.

Meet today’s not-a-card project.

This is my great grandfather. 🙂

He was a farmer from Iowa who moved West with his wife (Hazel) and three young songs.  He farmed in the West and worked a full time job away from the farm. He saw each of his boys go off to WWII, and he cried when they enlisted. He was a kind man, who late in life battled Parkinson’s.

The papers are from Echo Park. The big words were stamped with Technique Tuesday’s Family Is by Ali Edwards (Sept. Studio AE stamp set). I also used TT’s Verbose stamp set on it.

It’s nice to pay tribute to my great grandfather with a layout.

Long before I made cards, I was a scrapbooker. I still am in fact. A lot of my card friends don’t know that about me.

Scrapbooking is one of those funny things for me. I don’t share many of my pages. I also take breaks from scrapbooking and then all of the sudden the bug bites and I really get into it again. Scrapbooking is kinda like riding a bike, I guess. You never really forget how.

That’s all for now. Be back again soon!


17 thoughts on “Today’s not-a-card project (9-6)

  1. Great LO Teri – a fab tribute to your great grandfather 😉
    I’m still a novice scrapper… I fall down at the photo hurdle! If I have some photos in my hand then I can scrap away, but I’m terrible at deciding what pics to scrapa and worse at figuring out how to print them!

  2. Loving this page! I think you may even be a better scrapbooker than card maker – and that is saying something. I have lots of old photos to scrap and you have inspired me. Thanks.

  3. Love this Teri – such a nice tribute!

    I’m good at scrapbooking trips, but I always did it my own way – I didn’t know about layouts and sketches the last time I made one. I should get an old photo out and try a page sometime.

    p.s. Did you see my card on the PC Connection blog yesterday? It’s the only one of tons that I’ve sent in that Paper Crafts has ever accepted – I was so excited!!

  4. What a wonderful tribute and honor to your Great Grandfather. I’m sure he’s smiling at you.

    I have an entire album dedicated to my forefathers (and mothers!) Not only am I the scrapbooker in the family, I’m also the (nominated by my younger sisters!) the family historian!

  5. What a beautiful page! Although I don’t scrapbook myself, i think it’s a wonderful way to document everyday life & important people in our lives. You did a wonderful job paying homage to your great grandfather! And it’s ok if you dont always share them, sometimes it’s good to keep things to yourself! 🙂

  6. I can understand your not wanting to show many scrapbook pages. I must admit, I always feel a little funny looking at all the scrapbook pages on everyone’s blogs. They’re posted as examples for all of us, which is useful, but they’re also very personal. My impulse would be not to share so much private stuff with the world. None the less, I did enjoy your story (I use to live in Iowa!) and the lovely layout. Hope to see some more, for variety, but I can understand if you don’t want to…

  7. Great tribute and a very nice layout. I would love to see more of how you put together a page. I would like to scrapbook but am intimidated by all the gazillion embellishments I see used on most pages. Thanks for sharing.

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