GCD Studios Technique: A Treat for Teacher

Hi all!

I’m over on the GCD Studios blog today so I thought I’d share my post here, too. 🙂

So say it with me: Teachers rock.

They spend countless hours, working hard to open doors and opportunity for youth by helping them learn. They help our kids when struggle, and they celebrate with them when they do good. I can honestly say had it not been for a few hardworking teachers who took an extra interest in me and challenged me to keep learning long after I left their classrooms I would not be person I am today.

And what a better way to show appreciation for the teacher in your little ones life than sharing an extra special wrapped treat with them.

To make this sweet little package (that comes that comes complete with an apple!) , you are going to need:

You are going to need:

* GCD patterned papers

* A transparency or a piece of vellum

* twine or ribbon

* scoring tool, scissors and glue

* apple

Here’s what you do:

1. Cut two 5″ x 5″ pieces of paper. I am using paper from The Great Outdoors collection by GCD Studios.

2. Score the papers on each side. Your score marks should be inch in from the edge on each side.

3. Cut a triangle out of each corner.

4. Place glue on each triangle.

5. Fold the squares into boxes.

6. Set an apple in one of the boxes. Wrap transparency around it. You may need to cut it down first if your apple isn’t very tall!

7. Set second box over the transparency.

8. Tie boxes together with twine or ribbon. Add a pearl to the top.

And if you don’t feel like giving your favorite teacher an apple, consider sending him or her a muffin instead.

You can round out your treat box by making a small card to go with it.

Here I made an apple from a button. I covered the button with patterned paper from The Great Outdoors collection. I poked holes and then tied string through it  I finished it off with pearls and  a hand cut leaf and stem.
See you again soon!

5 thoughts on “GCD Studios Technique: A Treat for Teacher

  1. that is so cool! i was just looking around for teachers gifts ideas as I have Open House for my kids next week & will be meeting them. Thanks for sharing!

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