GCD Studios theme: Way to go, team!

Hi everyone!

This is a post I shared a bit back on the GCD Studios blog so I thought I would share it here, too.

When I think of Fall, I think of bundling up and heading out to watch soccer and football games.

I remember when I was teen-ager that no Friday night was complete without spending some time huddling with my best friends under a blanket in the stands at the local sports field. We loved cheering on our school’s football and soccer teams. Win or lose, we’d always head back to high school after the games for a big dance to finish up the night.

September always brings such sweet memories of that time in life so I decided to make two sports-themed cards this month.

I drew inspiration for my two cards from this photo. (Removed by request.)


Who would think such a colorful bird would make me think of Fall, but it did. To stay a bit more in the Fall feel for my cards, I went with more of an orange color for my cards rather than something close to coral or red.

The first card I made was one for coach.

Of course, all the paper I used is from GCD Studios. 🙂

The gray paper from The Great Outdoors collection was especially perfect for my card. I reminds me so much of one of the sweatshirts I used to wear when I’d go to games during my teen-age days.

Such fun memories!

The second card I made is one for the team.

What sports team couldn’t use a little extra cheer to help carry them through the big game?

I cut each banner flag from GCD patterned papers from the Animal Crackers for Boys, Soul Food and Elementary, My Dear collections. I added string across the top of them and then added a little ribbon (cut from cardstock) at the end of each banner.

See you again soon!

7 thoughts on “GCD Studios theme: Way to go, team!

  1. Wow. Those are both fantastic! I love them. I’m glad I don’t have to choose a favorite because I couldn’t!

    What kind of bird is that? He’s gorgeous!

  2. Such a beautiful Picture that got your creativity sparked! The cards for both the coach and the team are really great for fall too.

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