Paper Crafts magazine Presents: Card Creations: Get Inspired Blog Hop

Hello and howdy!

It’s a great day for a blog hop! And I am happy to be joining eight other crafters today for a blog hop in honor of the brand new Card Creations: Get Inspired special issue from Paper Crafts magazine.

The new issue is an issue filled with cards that were inspired by objects in folks’ everyday worlds. Clothes, jewelry, dishes and even postcards provide design, color and theme inspiration for all of the cards in this issue.

For today’s hop, each of us picked our own inspiration piece.

I spotted this picture pinned on Pinterest.

It’s a piece of home decor. Believe it or not, the petals are cut from toilet paper tubes. Seriously!

(And just for kicks, search for “toilet paper tubes” on Pinterest and you’ll see a lot of projects like it.)

Loved the idea so I used it as a springboard to make this card.

I found inspiration in the very idea of using a toilet paper tube in my design.

But to sauce things up, I made a butterfly rather than a flower with a toilet paper tube. And I put patterned paper behind the toilet paper tube wings.

Here’s a breakdown to make your own butterfly wings (or flower petals) from toilet paper tubes.

Cut a chunk of toilet paper off a larger tube. Scissors work fine. Be sure to pinch the top and bottom part of the tube so you get points.

Squirt a hearty glob of glue onto scratch paper. Brush the bottom of your tube wing (or petal) through it.

Get it really covered.

Set the tube piece, glue side down, on patterned paper.

Trim. And get something like these. πŸ™‚

Then, all you have to do is go to card making town!

Be sure to check all the blogs of all the other crafters taking part in today’s hop.

Leave a comment on my blog and the other eight bloggers’ blogs. Each of us will pick one person to win a copy of the new Get Inspired issue.

You’ll also want to head on over to the Paper Crafts Connection blog today because there’s a giveaway there, too.

Here’s a peek:

Martha Stewart Craft Station…. oh la la. πŸ˜‰

$165 retail value… double oh la la. ;

All comments on all the blogs must be posted by midnight (MDT) on Sunday, December 5th.

Good luck to all!

Thanks for swinging by today.

141 thoughts on “Paper Crafts magazine Presents: Card Creations: Get Inspired Blog Hop

  1. Teri, you are the smartest cardmaker. Your work is always clever and colorful and delightful. This card is another example of how wonderfully unique you are.

  2. so, so cute, Teri! i love how you used the inspiration and made it your own – the patterned flutter is wonderful! i can see this being a great way to use up scraps and tying some mismatched patterns together – LOTS and lots of them!!

  3. oh wow the way you have created the butterfly is simply amazing ..what a great idea..thank you so much for sharing:)…i totally loved your card its so beautiful!!

  4. Accckkkkk!!!!! TERI!!! OMGosh, I LOOOOVE this SOOOOOOOOO much!!! I have seen many projects over the years that use toilet paper tubes… and have never been inspired to even save the tubes. Until now!!! Love your creative butterfly!! You are awesome!! I am totally gonna case this idea for sure!!!

  5. What a GREAT idea for a card! Love it! The papers you chose are just gorgeous as well, and I like that you used a different print for each section and the button body. So fun!

  6. hi teri !!have been following you for a while now n must admit i’m heavily inspired by you !! though my style is different from yours….but i wanna try your style soon………… are simply fab !!

  7. Wow–that is such a cool idea and your card is great! So glad you shared the how-to. And for whatever reason, “hearty glob of glue” just cracks me up πŸ™‚

  8. There is inspiration everywhere! I will have to give this technique a try. Toilet papers tubes are one supply everyone has!

  9. Teri, as always, you are a super genius! LOVE what you made, and love how “easy” it is. Great tip to glue down to patterned paper and then cut! Thank you! and happy day!

  10. Wow! My jaws just dropped to the ground-THUD! (thank goodness, it’s carpeted!!) !! LOVE LOVE LOVE this, Teri! Intricate ovals will never look the same to me any more! You rock in this inspired photo hop!!

  11. More of your genius at work – what a great way to create a butterfly. Wish I would’ve thought of it. Toby and I were just talking last night about how it was only a month since the cruise but its just a small blip on the radar now. I’m trying to hold onto the memories – especially with how blah its been here. I wish I was able to go to CHA.

  12. This is perfectly adorable. What a great way to use that toilet pair roll…recycling in a very innovative way. This idea is one to keep!

  13. Love your card Teri! I have seen lots of wreaths and such made from TP rolls this year and I am loving it! I am going to start saving mine – just don’t tell my daughter – she will think I am insane for sure! Thanks for sharing this cute idea and the tutorial!

  14. Yay, I’ve been saving tubes for quite a while to make a book and now I have another great card idea. Thanks so much. Happy recycling πŸ™‚

  15. Oh my goodness – I will be looking at the humble toilet roll with completely new eyes. I’ve NEVER seen a butterfly in there before! This is BRILLIANT – thank you for a heaping shot of inspiration!

  16. I just love it when people find new ways to use found items. Your butterfly card is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your inspiration piece too!

  17. Totally love your card and the idea of recycling toilet paper cardboard. I always just throw them away without a second thought.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. Hooray! My favourite paper (I can’t get ENOUGH of that one sheet of EP) – AND an awesome cool way to add dimension! I think I’ll do this on a canvas.

  19. Great card, Thanks for including the how tos. I have been seeing pinterest mentioned on several sites recently, was’nt sure what it was. Now that I’ve seen your card and where the inspiration came from I will have to go check it out as well.

  20. The amazing toilet paper tube strikes again. Or should I say the amazing Teri strikes again? I am going to show this to my daughter-in-law. Her daycare is always looking for inexpensive craft ideas and ways to teach responsible things like recyling. What a win-win situation, including for the lucky person who receives your card.

  21. How unique is this, Teri? Have seen ornaments and stuff made from toilet paper/paper towel rolls but never on a greeting card. Your butterfly is adorable and so ingenious. What a fun challenge for you gals!

  22. β€œToilet Paper Tubes” ?! Off to check how much paper I have left on the tubes… lol Thanks for sharing this great idea and the photo instructions!

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