Tooling Around: Sew Easy (pt. 2)

Hi all!

So I’m over on Paper Crafts Connection today, talking about the Sew Easy tool from We R Memory Keepers.

I want to use my blog today to share  a couple additional projects I’ve made with the tool.

Meet #1.

I used the Sew Easy tool to pierce the line here through the pointy sticker to to sew a line of Baker’s Twine.

Meet #2.

Yep. There’s no stitching here.;)

Just because it’s called the Sew Easy tool, it doesn’t mean you have to sew with it.

What I did was start with a piece of metal tape. (This is aluminum foil tape I found at the Hardware store. ) I rolled the Sew Easy tool over it over and over again to make the holes.

And meet #3.

Again, no sewing here.

What I did was use Sew Easy as a measuring tool of sorts. I rolled it over my tag to make two lines. Then, I just placed a gem over each pierced hole.

What was nice is it took away all the thinking when it came to lining up the gems. All I had to do was look at each small pierce mark and plop a gem right on top of it it. The end result: two perfectly lined up lines of gems. YAY!

One more thing: I want to share this with you all, too.

I do keep the packaging that comes with the additional optional piercing heads you can buy the Sew Easy. That’s because each one gives you a couple ideas for stitching with it.

Anyway, each cardboard piece of packaging goes on a binding ring.

To see how the Sew Easy works, be sure to check out Paper Crafts Connection today. You can also see these projects.

(Ohhhhh. Awwwwwww.)

See you again soon!

16 thoughts on “Tooling Around: Sew Easy (pt. 2)

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  2. Heck, these are great ways to use the Sew Easy! Seeing these makes me think I really do want this tool!! Thanks sew much Teri!!!!

    • Hi Bernice,
      I think you totally could. With like chipboard and more heavy stuff, I wouldn’t chance it unless you have a heavy duty machine. But I’d totally do it with things like
      paper, stickers and foil tape.

  3. Came on over to see your additional ideas! Love the look of the metal! You could probably do this with wood veneer as well. Also love the idea for lining up gems or string… Great cards! Thank you for sharing.

    Katie B.

  4. I have this tool and absolutely love it. I hear they are now making the interchangeable heads as a stamp with ink inside. Can’t wait to get one of those and try it out.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas with the tool, Teri. I never thought of using it for perfect spacing of gems – great idea!

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