Today’s “Not-a-Card” Project (3-19)

Hi all!

Meet today’s not-a-card project. ­čśë

Some days, it is nice to scrapbook a page rather than a card. It really is just a fun one to put in the book.

This was for a challenge with a scrapbook club that I recently started frequenting for the fun of it. The club issues a challenge every month and this month was to use a few supplies they picked to make a page. I added a few of my own to the mix, and this was the end result.

I have like a gazillion of these little snapshots from when I hang out with a couple of my buddies so I could be scrapping them for years. (giggle!)

True story: Before I was a card girl, I was a scrapbooker. Scrapbooking is ultimately what led to me to paper crafting.

Nowadays, I don’t do it very often.

And I’m kinda selective about what I scrapbook. I went through a period where I tried to capture every little detail. That was really tiring. So now, I go long periods without doing it and pretty much only do it when mood hits and/or there is something I feel needs to be included in my scrapbooks.

I’ve really grown to believe scrapbooking is like riding a bike. You can go long periods without doing it. You never really forget how to do it. You can always come back to it.

That’s all for now. See you all again later.

Thanks for stopping by.


11 thoughts on “Today’s “Not-a-Card” Project (3-19)

  1. I too started out as a scrapbooker a gozillion years ago! Once I had all of my pictures in proper scrapbooks, it was like, OK, now what?! So I progressed to carding and lately have been dipping my toes and fingers into mixed media and loving it! Your page is very sweet. The ones we DO do now are all the more special I think because we do them so infrequently!

  2. Love this layout, Teri! And you’re so right – scrapbooking is like riding a bike. I came to card making from scrapbooking too and feel the same way about it. I miss it from time to time, but it’s always there to come back to. Thanks for sharing your great page!

  3. Teri, I remember spending time scrapbooking with you years ago when you were a member of IdahoScrappers. Love your blog and following your career. I show my magazines to friends and say “I know her!” Great layout!

  4. I love this layout – so fun!
    I’m the sane way. I started scrapbooking then card making. Now I make tons of cards and an occasional layout and I’m okay with that!

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