GCD Studios: Triangles + Titles

Hi all!

This is post I shared a few weeks ago on the GCD Studios blog so I thought I’d share it here, too.

I’m excited to add my two cents to the triangle-inspired parade of projects on the GCD Studios blog.

Aren’t triangles fun?

Today, I’m going to show you a couple fun ways to add triangles to your titles. Before we go on, let me confess: I’m a card girl. I’m showing you these in card form, but you can pull off these tricks with scrapbook pages, too!

So let’s get started!

First up, is this graphic little card right here.

I used the triangles to create the panel to mount the word “hi” to.

I started by cutting a triangle from patterned paper (GCD Studios paper, of course!) and then adhered a slightly smaller triangle on top!  I love that layered look. I finished it off with my title and a little bit of string. Easy, peasy!

Next up is this triangle inspired title here.

I lived on the edge, putting a whole bunch of triangles in a half circle pattern. You’ll notice each triangle has a different pattern. That is because it’s a really fun way to mix a lot of different patterns together.

I used that as a mat of sorts for my title.

To give it a little extra kick, I fussy cut a flower from patterned paper. The flower center looks fancy, but it’s really just a foam dot with a little bit of paper on top.

Supplies: Wondering Geo paper – Flower Child; Groovy paper – Flower Child; Peacock paper  – Flower Child; Hippie Plaid paper – Flower Child; Organic Geo paper – Flower Child; Flower Child Plaid paper – Flower Child; Twisted Floral paper – Flower Child; Swirling paper – Flower Child; Flowery paper – Flower Child; Layered Geo paper – Flower Child; and Striking Stripe paper – Flower Child.

See you again soon!

3 thoughts on “GCD Studios: Triangles + Titles

  1. Wow…the colors you’ve used here are phenomenal. I love this innovative use of geometrics. So, Teri, goddess of all that is trendy….are triangles the new hexagon?

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