Today’s card (8-25)

Hi all!

Another day. Another card. 🙂

Made this one using the August Greenhouse Society stamp set from Technique Tuesday.

I was inspired to do something different this time. Successful, I don’t know. But fun was had along the way.

Here’s what I did:

* I folded a paper towel into a rectangle.

* I dumped a little bit of bleach on it and then used it like an ink pad to ink up the poppy stamp.

* I stamped the poppies on black cardstock. While I let the bleach dry (it turned the paper kind of an orange color where I stamped), I cleaned my stamp FAST (and hard) with soap and water.

* I took a bunch of color pencils and just started coloring.

* After I finished my coloring, I came in with a white pencil and added some random sketchy marks around and on the flower. I think it just kind of gives it a more artsy touch.

Again, this was really was just a fun playful experiment this time. Some times, it’s way more about the journey than the final result. 🙂

That’s all for now. Be sure to check out the Technique Tuesday blog today. There’s some great projects made with this stamp set by the TT Creative Team.

See you again soon!


7 thoughts on “Today’s card (8-25)

  1. Yeah, stamping with bleach scares me, but I may have to try it after seeing how cool it looks on black. I *LOVE* the effect! Fab coloring! Thanks so much for your great comment on my Think Beef card–you had me blushing. 🙂 Your stamps are so awesome…I am in love with them!

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