25 in 25: Day 21 (12-2)

Hello to Day 21 in the 25 (holiday cards) in 25 (days) challenge.


Whipped out my most FAVORITE owl stamp set ever —- Winter Owl from Lawn Fawn—– for this one. It is just so cute! Did a little a fussy cutting and embellishing to make a boy and girl owl.

Added the misteltoe and words from Lawn Fawn’s Bows and Holly set.


Funny story about that mistletoe stamp. Did you know mistletoe has white berries? I didn’t know that, and I submitted a card to one of Paper Crafts magazine’s Holiday Cards & More issues that used it with red berries.

I happened to sit through the submission judging at the meeting where the card was presented. It caught some eyes. (I had paired the stamp with the phrase “Kiss Me.” and hoped it would get selected for the issue’s card section.) A couple editors and Go-to Gals commented on it. (Another Go-to Gal… coughhh… cough…. sat at the table super silently and saying in her head, “Please, guys, do not realize that is my card. Please. Do. Not. Realize. It.  Look down, Teri. Look down. Avoid eye contact. AVOID. AVOID.“)

And then one editor quipped, rather quipped in her Michiganer voice, “Mistletoe has WHITE berries.” And off the table for consideration the card went… lol!

Said Go to Gal might have said in her head, “Tough crowd. Thank goodness that is over.”

Needless to say, I came home and changed the card up based on that. I changed the mistletoe’s berries to white berries from red berries. And wouldn’t you know it? I resubmitted the Kiss Me card for consideration for the November/December issue, and it got picked up. It’s on page 38, complete with WHITE berries, if you want to take a look. 🙂

I have not made another card until this one with that stamp… lol!

Anyway, be back tomorrow, y’all!

Don’t miss out on Ashley’s Day 21 card.


10 thoughts on “25 in 25: Day 21 (12-2)

  1. Funny story! I didn’t know mistletoe had white berries either. I adore these little owls too–I finally broke down and bought him, but still haven’t found time to pull him out to play. 😉

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