Avocado Arts: Project Share (12-7)

Hello all!
Meet today’s card.


Just sorta messing around and playing today.

Mixed together the Smitten with You and Strike a Pose stamp sets from Avocado Arts for this one.

So the camera could look like it was hanging, I added a little floss to it and wrapped it around the penguin.


The pink fluff ball? That’s a real life pompom. I am starting to feel as passionate about them these days as I do wiggle eyes.

I’m not the only one playing with Avocado Arts stamps today. Head to the blogs of these sweet girls to see what they made with the Smitten with You set:

Swing by the Avocado Arts blog, too. The Avocado Arts gang always love to hear from good folks, too.

Be back again later.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by. Appreciate each and every one of you.

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