Today’s card (1-24)

Hello again!

Meet today’s card!


This is one I worked up for the CHA-Winter trade show with Party Lights, one of my new stamp sets for Technique Tuesday.


I embossed all the lanterns with white embossing powder and then cut them out. Seriously love the look. Got to admit that I fell in a pretty bad white embossing powder rut for a few weeks there. 😉

The polka dots were stamped and heat embossed with clear powder. They are from another stamp set, called Passion for Polka (it’s a much used classic around these parts… ha!).


Alright, that’s all I have. Be back again later, gators.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ps… I generally keep the blog to crafty things, but I wanted to share something personal today. Just a picture from a long time ago… in honor of my dad.


One year ago today, I stood in a hospital room and told the doctors (on behalf of my mom, dad and I) that it was time. His heart stopped two days earlier after a rollercoaster ride of a month in the hospital with emergency surgery and lots of lows and few highs. 20 minutes of CPR brought him back (the heart pumped again, but the brain chose not to). His body was rapidly shutting down that day when I had to say it was time.

I remember those final moments so vividly – standing with my mom, rubbing his hand and telling him we loved him and it would be OK. It was so, so fast.

My dad had always prepared us for the moment when the moment came. He’d been diagnosed with a terminal illness many years earlier and had outlived the diagnosis. He never dwelled on the illness. It was just part of life.

One of the last things I told my dad before he had emergency surgery (and before all the lows and highs leading up to those final moments), was to be strong. I like to think he came back at the end so he could leave how he wanted to: With us by his side.

30 thoughts on “Today’s card (1-24)

  1. my heart is with you, I lost my dad last summer – similar situation – all of his loving children and my mom were able to be at his side when he passed … the one day we were all there since before his surgery a rarity for us all to be together.
    Bless you and your family, my prayers are with you all.

  2. What a sweet picture of you and your Dad Teri! Thanks for opening up and sharing something so personal (I know it’s not easy). My hugs go out to you.

    P.S. Your card is darling. 🙂

  3. Nice card! Cute stamp set. TFS the pic and memories of your Dad. Loss is soooo hard on our hearts but hoping as you continue through your journey, you will remember the love you shared and the lessons learned. 🙂

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