Avocado Arts: Project Share (2-15)


Hi all!

Say hello to today’s card!

Playing again with stamps from Avocado Arts. Challenging myself, too, to use a few different stamping techniques, too.

The Friends Forever sentiment is from their Special Delivery set. It’s a wee bit hard to tell above, but I used it to make a DIY  patterned paper. I stamped it over and over on the blue cardstock with a slightly darker blue. I am a huge fan of all things text and ledger paper related so it was totally fun to make own text paper with it.


The circle is a piece of sticky canvas. I stamped sentiment and flowers (from Avocado Arts’ new set that comes out in March) right on top. I colored the flowers with good old colored pencils.

I’m not the only one playing with Avocado Arts stamps today. This sweet girls are, too!

And be sure to swing on the Avocado Arts blog. They love to hear from good folks. It really does make their day!

23 thoughts on “Avocado Arts: Project Share (2-15)

  1. I love your DIY canvas paper. It has texture and character! You did a great job and the new stamps are gonna be fun to use! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Very pretty card! Can’t believe you used colored pencils on the canvas … I didn’t even know that you could or that the colors would stay so vibrant. Great to know. BTW, I was the winner on the SS blog for your Happyville stamp sets. Yah-Hoo! Can’t wait to get them and make some cards! 😀

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