The Tie-Dye Effect… with markers!


So I am over on Paper Crafts Connection today, showing how to get a tie-dye effect with alcohol inkers (from Ranger) and transparencies.

I want to show an alternative to the technique. Instead of alcohol ink bottles, I’m going to use markers plain old rubbing alcohol. That’s what I did to get the look above!

Here’s the how to do it.

You are going to want to start with transparency. Like on the Paper Crafts Connection blog, I started by dry embossing a design on a plain transparency. You really don’t have to emboss the transparency if you don’t want to, but I dig the look.

I flipped the transparency over to the debossed side and then scribbled color onto it! (I used Copic markers here, but other alcohol based markers work well, too! I tested both Sharpies and Spectrum Noir ones out when I worked this up and had super good results!)


Then you are going to want to take a dropper (You can find these in Pharmacy section of many, many stores) and dip it into rubbing alcohol. (If you have blending solution, that will work, too!).


Now quickly drop little drops of alcohol onto the color.


Let it spread a little and then tap it with a sponge.

tie_4_teriLet the color dry completely. Flip the transparency over and then put it on a white card.

tie_5_teriAnd here’s how this looks all fancied up, in card form! 😉 🙂

card1_tie_teri(The words are from a Simon Says Stamp! stamp set.)

And, just for giggles, here’s one more card I used markers to make.


For this one, I used Spectrum Noir markers. And, because I was experimenting, I used Copic’s blending solution to spread the colors. Worked like a charm!


That’s all for now. See you again soon!

15 thoughts on “The Tie-Dye Effect… with markers!

  1. I read your post at PCC and came right over here to see how to do this with markers. Love both effects and that tie-dyed look is groovy! (snapping fingers) : )

  2. Love it. Thank you for sharing the different techniques for getting the same results. I think I will try the makers before I try the ink. Less expensive for a beginner.

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