Avocado Arts: Project Share (3-1)


Hello again, friends!

Playing around again today with the Spring Medley stamp set from Avocado Arts.

Ever since I laid my eyes on this set, I’ve been wanting to make a candy kabob with to use it with so I decided to make a little tag today to tie onto a kabob!

To give the bunny a little extra dimension, I used metallic rub-ons and a white pen to add a little color to her cheeks. The bow was made with twine. The tail is just a white pom pom from the craft store.


And for the kabob, I used good old, Peeps marshmellow candies that I found at the grocery store. I stuck three of them on a wood skewer, slid a clear bag on top and added some ribbon. (If you decide to try this at home, be sure to use gloves! Not just is it food safe, but the sugar on the Peeps goes everywhere!)


Kinda fun!

I’m not the only one playing with the Spring Medley set today.  So are:

And be sure to drop by the Avocado Arts blog, too. It means a lot to them when you do!

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