Avocado Arts: Project share (3-30)


Hi all!

Another day. Another card. 🙂

Playing around today again with Avocado Arts’ Spring Medley set. Broke my bunny stamp using habit with this card and used one of the flowers from the set.

I also used Avocado Arts’ digital diecut files to cut the flower out!

I cut the flower out a couple times in pink, yellow and orange cardstocks, stamped on top and then used markers to add another layer of color to the middle of the flowers.


Finished each flower off with a button! Really simple this time, but it’s fun to just do that once-in-awhile.

By the way, I’m not the only one playing with the Spring Medley set today. So are:

And be sure to drop by the Avocado Arts blog, too. It means a lot to them when you do!

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