Avocado Arts: Projects Share (5-21)

Hi all!

It’s my turn to be an ambassador of sorts for Avocado Arts again so I’ve got a few projects to share!

Here’s #1.


Here’s #2.


And here’s #3.


All of these cards use their Future’s So Bright set. You can check it out here.

It’s definitely a fun, fun set.

And I was really in the mood for making a couple graduation cards while working these up so each has a “you did it” twist!  Excited to have a few graduation cards for some special peeps that don’t really look like the same old, same old graduation card.

Looking for more ideas for the Future’s So Bright set? Well, be sure to check out the Avocado Arts blog. The crew’s been sharing projects all month long with the set. You can find links to everyone there!

Alright, that’s all I have! Be back later, gators!

9 thoughts on “Avocado Arts: Projects Share (5-21)

  1. These all turned out so cute! Love the fun papers you stamped them on–The cameras and lightbulbs are my favorites. Looks like a great all around set! 🙂

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