Today’s card (7-1)

Hello, friends!

Say hello to today’s card.

2_July_Labels1a_teri_edited-1Made this one with a couple Technique Tuesday stamp sets: My Bright Idea set and Ali’s new Label Maker by Ali Edwards (the Studio AE set for July).

The Studio AE set goes on sale today and you’ll find it here later this morning. But here’s a peek at how it looks.

Technique-Tuesday-Label-Maker-Ali-Edwards-Clear-Stamps-MediumPretty fun set!


I thought it’d just be fun to mix it with the words from Bright Idea! Sure, “Watt’s up?” isn’t spelled in the “what’s up” way, but that’s OK!  It’s from a set with lamps and light bulbs! 😉  So to tie it all together on my card, I just stamped the light bulb from the Bright Idea set  (and  one of Ali’s labels) inside the card!  Easy peasy.

That’s all I have! Be later, gators!

PS… Happy Canada Day to my friends up north!

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