Avocado Arts: Project Share (7-21)

Hi all!

I’m over on the Avocado Arts blog today, sharing a few projects with their Grillin’ and Chillin’ stamp set so I thought I’d share them over here, too!

Meet #1.

Relaxglasses_TeriRelax_Glasses2_teriMeet #2.

RelaxChairs_teriAnd meet #3.

SmileSuits_teriPretty much everything stamped on them is from the Grillin’ and Chillin’ stamp set!

For more scoop on the cards themselves, please hit the Avocado Arts’ blog! 🙂  (I rambled on… a lot… over there! Hee!)

Be back later, friends!


7 thoughts on “Avocado Arts: Project Share (7-21)

  1. Miss Teri….did you perhaps do some “fussy cuttin” on these??? LOL So friggen cuter than ever!!! (Once again!!!)

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