Today’s card (1-27)

Hi all!

What’s shaking? Playing along with the Trendy Power Star challenge over on Moxie Fab World. Seemed kinda wrong to not play. 😉 Blog_MFW_KeepLookingUp_teri

It definitely was a challenge, alright! 😉

So I played a little on the artsy side here, but not too much. I used a paintbrush to brush some spray mist onto my card to make the blue background.

After the color dried, I adhered some star shaped sequins to it and drew the white lines. Let’s just pretend for a minute like we are looking at something cool in the sky, k?  My creative process went from making a shape you really would see to just getting those little sequins down. (<——– Yep. Things went downhill quick.)

I created the sentiment with a combination of letter stamps and glittery foam Thickers. I think got super lucky, having stickers that actually match the blue color I used on the card. Yep. I think that’s a win!

So that’s all I have be.

Back later, gators.

8 thoughts on “Today’s card (1-27)

  1. I think it’s fantastic! Hmmm…downhill? I’m guessing the little suckers didn’t want to stick where you wanted them to. At least that’s what happens in my world. 😉

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