Today’s card (2-7)

Hi everyone!

This is today’s card.


(Insert dramatic effect.)

Ta-da! šŸ˜‰

Had a little bit of time to play today this is really a case of just messing around.

I die-cut the word from cardstock using the Simply Said: Hello ELLE-ments die from Avery Elle. Then I got all fancy. I plopped it down on scratch paper, covered it with texture paste and let it dry.

Once it was good to go, I scribbled a little bit of color with watercolor crayons on it and spread the color with water. After I got the word on the card, I felt like it needed a bit more color so I dipped my fingers in water (Truth, friends. Truth.) and spread the color a little bit more.


Kinda digging the look. I am thinking I am going to try do that again.

That’s all I have.

Be back later,Ā  y’all! šŸ™‚ Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

6 thoughts on “Today’s card (2-7)

  1. To be honest, when I first saw it I wasn’t impressed. I took a minute to just look at it, then read how you did it and went back and looked again. It grew on me and I like the rainbow effect of smearing the color farther away. Thanks for sharing.

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