Top Dog Dies & a Project (3-1)

Hi all!

Today’s post is a little different than the norm. It’s a review/project combination.

I was invited to try out some of Top Dog Dies’ products few months ago. With a trade show and then a fairly big change (taking on another blog) and finding a new rhythm, I hadn’t really had time to really delve deep into trying the dies out. I hate to write a review, of sorts, without really using a product.

Finally, I’ve had some time just to play with the dies and give some objective comments. So here we are today. šŸ™‚

Top Dog Dies sent me their Onesie Card and Finishers Die set to try out. (These dies are available together. And they are available separately: Onesie Card and Onesie Card Finishers.) In full disclosure: While Top Dog Dies sent me the dies, any opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

The Onesie Card card die is one really, really big die, while the Finishers dies are a set of flat, small compact steel dies. (If you look at this page their Web site, you can see a video that shows the actual dies.)

I found both dies worked great with a Big Shot machine, which is what I use most of the time. And both dies worked great with a variety of different materials. For instance, I cut paper, wool felt, sandpaper and tissue paper with the dies. They cut like a charm every single time.

After doing all that cutting, I was comfortable enough to make something.

And here’s what I came up with.


It’s a onesie banner! So basically I used the large die to make three onesie cards and then decorated them up and hung them on twine.


The cool thing is that even though I used the same dies to make each one, each onesie looks totally unique.

I did try adding a few extra things to them, too. I added a tulle skirt to the pink onesie and then fashioned a bow tie from paper strips for the blue one. Babies and bow ties… oh man, adorable!


Now, me being me, this banner does have a twist. These onesies aren’t really adhered to the banners. That’s right. You read that right.


These onesies are cards. I never sealed them. To make the banner, I simply hung them over the twine, using clips to hold them in place.

I imagine this would be a fun gift for parents-to-be. Use the banner at a shower and then take off the onesies off so the parents can use them as cards to thank folks.

There are a couple things I learned in the process of making this banner/card set.

I found I cut my paper a little small when I went to cut the onesie cards to put on the banner. It’s a really big die so you want to use long paper with it. Again, I cut my papers a little short so I improvised, using a bit of Washi tape to hold the papers in place when I ran them through my die-cut machine. Worked like a charm. And the tape came out with no problems!


And here’s the other tip! If you are decorating one of the onesie cards with something you want to sew on (cough… tulle… cough), make sure you open the card before you start sewing. I would tell you to ask me how I know, but (ha ha) you can probably guess and be right. šŸ˜‰ Somebody “may” have had to start over. (Hint: The middle onesie on the banner is the second one “someone” made. I speak no lies.)

Anyway, I found these dies to be a lot of fun. I look forward to making something else with them sometime.

Oh, one more thing: After I played with these dies, I let a friend try them out. She’s a bit less experienced in paper crafting and tends to ask for help when tools are involved. She had no trouble and, literally, sat down and cut out 20 cards! I thought that was pretty cool!

So that’s what I have for you. I’ll be back again.

Thanks again, Top Dog Dies, for inviting me to try out your dies. I’d definitely recommend them to other folks.

8 thoughts on “Top Dog Dies & a Project (3-1)

  1. Love your idea of the “not really a banner” banner. What a great gift idea! And they were all so cute.

  2. You really put those special touches on these to make them look extra sweet! These would be great for anyone hosting a baby shower!

  3. Very cute Onsie cards! Like how you used them for a banner. I agree that the banner would be such a cute baby shower or room deco. Thanks for the review. šŸ™‚

  4. I saw a die for a diaper that came from Top Dog. It worked wonderfully. I made three mini-albums. Each had seven diapers in the album. I would recommend Top Dog to anyone. I have this onesie on my list to get in the future – when my granddaughter gets ready to have a baby.

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